Projections at a Temporary Eco-Village in Upstate NY

In the summer of 2014, Delta_Ark and Biome Arts co-organized a large scale collaborative project: a two-week symposium on ecology, technology and autonomy that culminated in the construction of a networked, semi-autonomous structure in the woods of Delhi, New York. This structure served as a performance space, international activist meeting hall, gallery and platform for other artworks. Eleven artists participated, Sally BozzutoDavid KimChihao YoAdam FrezzaTerri ChiaoGene KoganJonathan SimsBrian House, Isabelle Fortier, and Anne Goldenberg.

Situated within Forest Pavilion is Delta_Ark's collaborative installation with Biome Arts, The Core. The Core is a conversation machine that is also simultaneously an interspecies feedback loop and immersive space for discourse. The digital component of Core is an interactive mind-map that is editable by anyone in the world with internet access Also accessible within The Core via four computer terminals, the mind-map evolves as participants discuss, rearrange, and add new topics along an axial coordinate system. Establishing a real-world locus, the mind-map is projection mapped on to a multi-layered column of sheer fabric at the center of The Core.

The biological elements of The Core include cultivated Vanessa cardui butterflies and wild moths of the genera Paonias, Lophocampa, Nemoria, Actias, and others. These raised and wild insects are drawn to light of the projected mind-map, shifting the attention of participants and thus the flow of conversation. Ultimately, this interspecies collaboration propels the evolution of the projected mind-map creating an autopoietic circuit.