Archive of the ecological future

Projections on a Floating Garden in NYC

Mary Mattingly's Swale is a floating food forest built atop a barge that travels to piers in New York City, offering educational programming and welcoming visitors to harvest herbs, fruits and vegetables for free. In the summer of 2014, Delta_Ark and Biome Arts co-organized a large scale collaborative project: a month-long symposium on ecology, technology and autonomy that culminated in the construction of a networked, data-gathering structure on Swale, the Green House Theater. This structure served as a performance space, activist meeting hall, gallery, physical dashboard for environmental and agricultural data, as well as a platform for other artworks. Many other artists participated, including Sally BozzutoDavid KimChihao YoAdam FrezzaTerri ChiaoBrian House, Nupur Mathur, Hyojin Yoo and Ayodamola Okunseinde.

Inside the Greenhouse Theater, Delta_Ark and Biome arts build the primary installation: The Archive of the Ecological Future. The A.E.F. is a hub for information about Swale, Biome Arts and the organizations that have participated in Swale. The Archive has two primary sections. The Data Section contains a record of all data gathered at Swale during the summer of 2016; e.g., wind speed, wind direction, location, soil moisture, etc. The Entry section contains (a.) an organization, (b.) paired with a plant on swale and (c.) a poetic text clipped from the website of that organization. Throughout the month-long symposium, the archive was available online and also on site, when it was projected into a column of hanging fabric within The Greenhouse Theater.