Projections at Occupy in NH, RI and PL

Delta_Ark developed The Beacon as a three-part installation for Occupy Wall Street. The second image, provided as context, is The Declaration of the Occupation of NYC.

During the republican national primary in New Hampshire, Delta_Ark set up a tent, interviewed protesters about why they were occupying and these reasons were then projected onto the tent's exterior. #TheBeacon was one of the top trending tags at the event.

Afterward, the Beacon also went on 'missions' to different sites in Providence to convey more nuanced aspects of the occupation. The long text about the dissolution of Occupy Providence was projected on the tent's exterior and is captured in total in the third video.

Finally, the Beacon traveled to Europe to participate in the protests surrounding the sovereign debt crisis. It captured images of the protest as they were unfolding, or as they had recently unfolded, and overlaid them with Peter Vermeersch's poem "The European Constitution in Verse."