Creative Coding, Critical Digital Humanities, Liberation Technology

Delta_Ark offers mentoring and instruction in creative code, critical digital humanities and 21st century techno-politics. Delta_Ark has extensive experience working with individuals with learning differences (ADHD, AS, NVLD, etc.). Delta_Ark also has extensive experience working with students to create a portfolio for their applications to MIT, ITP, Parsons, SAIC, etc. Delta_Ark prefers 1-1 mentoring, but is occasionally available to conduct digital workshops with community institutions.

Delta_Ark offers instruction in a variety of creative-coding platforms: p5--computational graphic design, animation, digital mapping, python--natural language processing, computational narrative, machine learning, data science, digital projection--outdoor, indoor to outdoor, indoor and mapping.

Delta_Ark also offers instruction in critical digital humanities; Delta_Ark teaches digital privacy and security 101 (defense), digital advertising and big data 101 (attack), digital currencies and governance 101 (autonomy), as well as the digital body and spatial computing (cyberization).

Finally, Delta_Ark instructs on advanced topics in 21st century techno-politics. These include: automation, the gig economy, platform cooperatives, crypto unions, data unions, universal basic income, smart cities, civic data, new patterns of mobility and migration, crypto-nations, gentrification resistance, frontiers of digital privacy, algorithmic bias, decentralized communication protocols and citizen cyberization.

Delta_Ark also serves as the agent for a large peer-network that teaches other aspects of the solidarity economy such as eco-technology, bio-technology and digital fabrication along with the ecological humanities and advanced topics in sustainable and regenerative design.