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Projections Against Evictions in SF

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project is a multi-part citizen-driven data project that collects information about evictions in San Francisco. This data is used by community groups to lobby city hall and plan actions against no-fault evictions and gentrification. While in residence as Eyebeam's Fellow at the Buzzfeed Open Lab for Journalism, Technology and the Arts, Delta_Ark created two prototype projections for AEMP.

The first projection prototype excerpted testimonies of evictions and placed them within a dynamic map of San Francisco; the map animates, showing the viewers clip after clip of testimony at the sites where the evictions occurred. These clips link together, forming a larger text about the urban development of the city.

The second projection prototype was primarily formed by remixing geo-located twitter content within San Francisco. This long text, projected from a vehicle throughout San Francisco, details a.) the state of evictions in the city, b.) the relationship between the managers of technology platforms and their constituents, as well as c.) multiple different versions of a far future San Francisco.