Instances of the next system in the flesh

visualize social systems

Delta_Ark creates solarpunk installations for groups that adopt solidarity economy principles; for exclusive content, subscribe to the patreon.

The solarpunk science fiction sub-genre renders positive futures that could emerge from the contemporary triple-crisis of climate change, inequality and nation-state dysfunction. 

The solidarity economy is a coalition of groups seeking to enact new forms of local ecological stewardship, cooperative ownership, and decentralized governance in order to navigate us out of the above crises.

& amplify them

Delta_Ark has created work on behalf of Occupy Providence, Building #13 Squat in Rhode Island, the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, Biome Arts, Wetland, and Swale. 

Delta_Ark interviews group members and scrapes social data, then remixes this information into poetic prose that is displayed alongside a custom-built animated logo. 

These site-situated literature-heavy logos inform outsiders about the group's identity and values while also providing a description of what it is like to engage with their cutting edge social and political practices.

Delta_Ark Staff

El Kalinov (Founder): El graduated from Brown with an MFA in Digital Literature, was an Eyebeam-Buzzfeed Fellow in SF and has aspirations for a permanent semiotic mercerenary lifestyle.

Petrus (Studio Manager, Writer): Petrus graduated with an MFA in Poetry from Brown, and is currently writing a novel about a brothel on Mars.

Robert Safrata (Artist): Robert graduated from the NYU Game Center and currently produces games about the nature of thought.

Han Han (Developer): Han was a developer for a variety of Bay Area tech companies and currently is creating software for distributed collaboration.

Son Kit (Experience Consultant): Kit is getting their graphic design MFA at RISD, and is developing the canon of Korean-American Science-Fiction.