visualize social systems

Delta_Ark creates solarpunk installations for groups that adopt solidarity economy principles; for exclusive content, subscribe to the patreon.

The solarpunk science fiction sub-genre renders positive futures that could emerge from the contemporary triple-crisis of climate change, inequality and nation-state dysfunction. 

The solidarity economy is a coalition of groups seeking to enact new forms of local ecological stewardship, cooperative ownership, and decentralized governance in order to navigate us out of the above crises.

 Instances of the next system in the flesh

& amplify them

Delta_Ark has created work on behalf of Occupy Providence, Building #13 Squat in Rhode Island, the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, Biome Arts, Wetland, and Swale. 

Delta_Ark interviews group members and scrapes social data, then remixes this information into poetic prose that is displayed alongside a custom-built animated logo. 

These site-situated literature-heavy logos inform outsiders about the group's identity and values while also providing a description of what it is like to engage with their cutting edge social and political practices.