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Method: collab with remixing bot

Themes: technology. protest. memory. apocalypse.

tear gas. fireflies. a reckless chase through the haze. SUNLIGHT.

combing the tear gas out of my hair. later awakening.

a motorcycle corona. ecological collapse. waves of stations.

a planter’s village. machine vision.

robot assisted surgery. immersive. exhaustive. gunshots.

gates of paradise. midnight cherries. forever cherries.

a snail. radio lilacs and summer.

utterly consumed by the screen, a gunshot mirror.

a hundred houses, cool in moonlight.

autumn meteor copper.

cancer, stable. washing slowly the tear gas out of my hair,

the interrogation. waves. radiation. leaving the station.

guided utterly by hundreds of vertical idling chrysanthemums. summer. clouds.

observe the helicopter. the beam. the pilot’s brain computer interface.

a swarm of horses. gunshots. wisteria.

poems. armor. sunlight. cherries.

I’m a gif. a repeating figure. a vertical stripe by green moss.

virtual world SUNSHINE.

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Method: excerpts of oral history collected by AEMP

Themes: eviction, solidarity of the evicted, tech world responsibility

Claudia: I’m in this sea, “I’m swimming in this sea and I haven’t quite gotten the life raft.”

Claudia: I always think of the Heart of Darkness book. It’s a tiny little book and then it became a part of so many movies, and you know, that’s how I feel... “lost in the cause!”

Claudia: If I talk to Patricia, talk to Benito, talk to people who have been evicted before who are there to fight evictions - they understand. They understand what it feels like. They understand what it’s... about.

Claudia: “I think that everybody is in this kind of haze. They’re in love with the tech world. They’re just fascinated by all that it can do. I don’t know how to explain it without using a girl. It’s like the hot girl that everyone’s like, “She can’t do anything wrong, she’s awesome! You know what I mean?”

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Method: collab with twitter scraping bot

Themes: SF of data, weather, police brutality, class conflict

Hello sunshine. Good morning. Good morning. Happy Saturday.

Surf is still out of control today-- broken clouds--

It’s time to make some noise again.

Today, there was a #peacefulriot for standing against police brutality.

Today, Yelp wants a Software Engineer - Infrastructure.

Today, Yelp wants a Software Engineer - Data-Mining.

Opened Graffiti request via iphone at 709 Hyde St. Scrawl. (Photo: “evict the yuppies”).

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Method: collab with twitter scraping bot

Themes: SF of data, data barons, class conflict

At the hub, the #richdatasummit, almost drafted, texting.

you should try it, the bear represents California: the energy.

At 54 mint, the final stop, drinking a troublesome.

POTUS 44 is @ the Warfield, the Godfather of Silicon Valley.

now you can really feel, the Open Damaged Public Property request via Android at 934 Market St.

the Open Graffiti Request via Android at 86 Golden Gate Ave "TF”.

the Open Potholes and Street Defects request via Android at 1001 Market St.

the Opened Street or Sidewalk Cleaning via Iphone at 950 Market St.

Nate Silver discussing the signal and the noise.

Triple posting today because #iconic, weirdest/unexpected/best lineup, possibly ever,

a gift from the entrepreneurs --

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Method: excerpts of oral history collected by AEMP

Themes: the mission, tech money, gentrification

Lucia: Day of the Dead by Renee Yanez started. Right next to this, there was a complete parallel world. It was the world of the low riders and the girls; a lot of mascara and eyeliner and they would wrap this leather around their hands and I remember seeing this scene and I would walk up the Mission and I’d be like “Wow, what the hell?”.

Lucia: And then came 2000 which was the first BOOM, you know, 1999 - 2000, dot com. Everybody hated the dot-commers but everybody worked for the dot-commers; it was really funny. They were all like “Oh my god, the dot-commers,” but the minute they got a job with the dot commers, they were all working for the dot-commers.

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Method: excerpted from Data and Goliath by Bruce Schneier

Themes: data barons, privacy, surveillance

Our relationship with many of the Internet companies we rely on is not a traditional company–customer relationship. That’s primarily because we’re not customers. We’re products those companies sell to their real customers. The relationship is more feudal than commercial. The companies are analogous to feudal lords, and we are their vassals, peasants, and—on a bad day—serfs. We are tenant farmers for these companies, working on their land by producing data that they in turn sell for profit.

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Method: excerpt of oral history collected by AEMP

Themes: diversity, SF, real estate developers, class conflict

Claudia: We all have to respect each other in our differences and our sexual orientation and everything that we stand for in San Francisco. That’s what makes San Francisco awesome. Like that one crazy person that was flash dancing to flashdance. No one even stared at them, that’s what makes San Francisco the place that people want to come to and why it’s a safe haven for everybody and it should be because we are different.

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Method: collab with a twitter scraping bot

Themes: future SF, ai real estate, displacement

black spheres in the houses. virtual worlds. irrevocable contour, armored, studied.

artificial midnight— fully automated housing auctions. a floating airborne wind turbine.

it's all houses

in a way that you wouldn't understand


 , some kind of automated, housing placement system,

intelligences like "Her" or "Ex Machina"

but for house attribution

 saw a woman hanging from out

of the mayor's building spinning and spinning

while she was falling

but still holding a cord

that's us

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Method: collab with a twitter scraping bot

Themes: future SF, virtual real estate, displacement

got to make new housing friends at the Capitol

saying they want to see more high-density housing around transit,


   VR in the houses, VR-houses:

the idea that the more housing you produce you induce demand,

   burgeoning densities have that problem.

this is not a hypothetical theory:

a house I saw in satellite view filled with infinite families,

   real time

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Method: collab with a twitter scraping bot

Themes: future SF, eviction

California , just a bunch of red lights on green mountains fixed to windmills -

just a bunch of spinning blades, killing birds -

Caltrain engineers, watching cyborgs go back home on the bart -

Iris Canada evicted, 98 yrs old -

first amazing performance of the 21st century city.

let me tell you a joke:

what's inside an infinitely dense apartment -

an event horizon.

it's a bad joke I know,

but I'm just getting home.

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Method: collab with a twitter scraping bot

Themes: future SF, AI real estate, displacement

    affordable circuits: patterns


in public housing

in floating wind turbines

in machines -- know how so many public housing residents in #SanFrancisco feel



the superconductivity          of San Francisco's housing market.

let me tell you another joke: these grown up professionals

   would nuke the subsidized housing funding system--

these fucker professionals

will talk about fair housing,

        but what's behind SF's housing fight?

human hearts, hummingbirds, columns with silicone chips inside them

sensing housing prices

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Method: excerpts of oral history collected by AEMP

Themes: false advertising

Claudia Tirado: Mega Godzilla apartment complexes that are being sold for ridiculous amounts of money. Like, they’re being sold like luxury, like, “Luxury Apartment!” I’m like, “Ugh! You don’t even have a deck! There’s not even a little deck. How can that be a luxury apartment?!!”

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Method: excerpted from The Attention Merchants by Tim Wu

Themes: advertising, data merchants

At bottom, whether we acknowledge it or not, the [data] merchants have come to play an important part in setting the course of our lives and consequently the future of the human race, insofar as that future will be nothing more than the running total of our individual mental states. At stake is something akin to how one's life is lived. If we desire a future that avoids the enslavement of the propaganda state as well as the narcosis of the consumer and celebrity culture, we must first acknowledge the preciousness of our attention and resolve not to part with it as cheaply or unthinkingly as we so often have. And then we must act, individually and collectively, to make our attention our own again, and so reclaim ownership of the very experience of living.

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Method: excerpts of oral history collected by AEMP

Themes: volunteering, face to face connection, homelessness

Michael Rouppet: When Michael talks about volunteering it goes way beyond that because he doesn’t get paid to do this work. I think we are only successful because of people like Michael who have who used their experiences to reshape their humanity. Some of us are tired and Michael will make them feel welcomed. One time, he turned to someone and said that could be me or that was me. I have known Michael for little bit over a year and from first time I met him I was telling him I was really really angry, but he is forever optimistic. He is setting an example that we should all live by and so that's why if you need a room I will get it for you. It’s an honor to support someone at this stage in their life because some people can’t even listen to it and get overwhelmed, but Michael had to live through that and yet he is coming out of it helping others.

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Method: collab with a twitter scraping bot

Themes: ABNB, data barons, housing

The new @airbnb homepage, now focused on Experiences.

Airbnb is providing free housing to refugees and anyone not allowed in the US.

"We characterize data as the voice of our users at scale.”

In this day and age, we all need to find creative ways to make $.

How about renting out all or part of your home?

@Airbnb can you help with emergency housing?

Airbnb の賃料を自動化するマーケティングツール

Airbnb hosts more likely to reject the disabled, according to Rutgers study.

114,000 people have stayed in treehouses on Airbnb.

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Method: writing with a bot that scrapes twitter

Themes: tech bus, tech campus, class conflict

Apple's 3D sensing tech is two years ahead of the competition

Apple 3D mapping patent points to possibility of hand tracking in AR

Apple is testing 3-D face scanning for the next iPhone

I'm that asshole on the Apple bus speed-birdwatching

the estuary near the Oakland airport. Bar-tailed godwits y'all!

Apple Watch works automatically and the heart rate will show

screaming at the apple store

Exclusive Photos of the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Apple's Sunnyvale neighbors call campus 'constant hell'

Has Apple gotten back to you yet?

Or do you expect them to?

The Secure Enclave team at Apple is hiring.

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Method: excerpts of oral history collected by AEMP

Themes: Mission, Latin American Studies, eviction

Lucia: La Raza movement at San Francisco State was also just coming together and all the movements of Latin American studies. At the beginning, everybody thought why should we have African studies. Latin American studies, what is that, that’s not a real degree. Now nobody questions. Actually, a Chilean, Beatriz Manz, has been key to building that Center for Latin American Studies. The scene revolved a lot around the cafe and Mission Dance Central. We were all rehearsing upstairs from Cafe La Boheme because we were creating Carnaval. I remember once they rehearsed in my place and there was glitter in my house for the next year. Everytime I opened a drawer there was glitter coming out of my drawers.

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Method: excerpted from In Defense of Housing by David Madden and Peter Marcuse

Themes: housing crisis, displacement, eviction

The housing crisis is global in scope. London, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Lagos, indeed nearly every major city faces its own residential struggles. Land grabs, forced evictions, expulsions, and displacement are rampant. According to the United Nations, the homeless population across the planet may be anywhere between 100 million and one billion people, depending on how homelessness is defined. It has been estimated that globally there are currently 300 million households - more than a billion people - that are unable to find a decent or affordable home.

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Method: excerpts of oral history collected by AEMP

Themes: eviction, anti-eviction, tenant’s rights

Eddie Stiel: You're faced with an eviction, your building's for sale, or you have a new landlord who just bought it... Don't leave. Make them go through the process. Educate yourself about what your rights are. There's agencies in the city, their job is to so you know your rights. Go to them and get, find, listen to what they tell you. Go to the Tenants Union, go to the Housing Rights Committee, go to Causajusta. Go. Don't make, do any action, until you understand what your options are.

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Method: writing from experience at a protest

Themes: protest, blockchain, police brutality

perfect blockchain memory

shutting down mission and 24th

blockading the street

police in riot gear

exactly 54


no rubber bullets

just blocking the fucking street

projections on the wall of the faces of the dead

names are the following:

Section: 21 of 40

Method: excerpt of protest sign

Themes: police brutality

2017: Patrick Harmon (Salt Lake City, UT)

2017: Jordan Edwards (Balch Springs, TX)

2016: Alfred Olango (El Cajon, CA)

2016: Terence Crutcher (Tulsa, OK)

2015: Jamar Clark (Minneapolis, MN)

2015: India Kager (Virginia Beach, VA)

2015: Christian Taylor (Arlington, TX)

2015: Sam Dubose (Cincinnati, OH)

2015: Sandra Bland (Prairie View, TX)

2015: Icarus Randolph (Witchita, KS)

2015: Freddie Gray (Baltimore, MD)

2015: Walter Scott (North Charleston, SC)

2015: Tony Robinson (Madison, WI)

2015: Anthony Hill (Chamblee, GA)

2014: Akai Gurley (New York, NY)

2014: Tamir Rice (Cleveland, OH)

2014: Victor White III (Iberia Parish, LA)

2014: Dante Parker (San Bernardino County, CA)

2014: Ezell Ford (Los Angeles, CA)

2014: Michael Brown (Ferguson, MO)

2014: Tyree Woodson (Baltimore, MD)

2014: John Crawford III (Beavercreek, OH)

2014: Eric Garner (New York, NY)


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Method: writing from experience at a protest

Themes: protest, blockchain, light-projection

the lady circling the protest with burning sage

my camera, my perfect memory

blocking off the street with a memory catcher

what's a memory catcher:

it’s a sequence of light patterns -

the patterns catch attention

the attention is directed to a memory

the memory becomes an argument or another pattern

everything repeats

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Method: writing from experience at a protest

Themes: protest, light-projection

what happens:

people thank you for building the memory catcher

what do they look like-

they look like everyone

other people laugh at the memory catcher -

but that’s a crowd

you could automate an entire

sequence of memory catchers in a city

you could string an entire city with tripwire

light and tripwire -

if you had the cash

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Method: writing from experience at a protest

Themes: protest, real-estate gala

we build another memory catcher inside a real-estate gala -

it was an award “city of hope”

we built the catcher inside of the hotel -

the developers that were filing into the gala

were forced to listen to the stories

of those they had evicted -

one of the real estate developers

came and sang with the protestors -

everyone was upset

there's a kind of link

between the police and the developers

54 police exactly

there’s another link

between the developers and data barons

data, of course

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Method: writing from experience at a protest

Themes: protest, real-estate gala, memory

the memory catcher of sound

spooling out the stories of the evicted

sung into of the gala

by a group of protestors dressed in black -

thousands of cameras

a reverberating system

that forms a crystal -

the crystal is a life recorded perfectly

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Method: writing from experience at a protest

Themes: protest, real-estate gala, memory, future SF

the real estate developers

walked by and shrugged off the memory catcher

but the cameras live streamed everything

which were recorded by machines permanently

and when the dead are raised

from their suspension tanks

these deeds will of course be remembered

and the genetics of the perpetrators

will be disbursed

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Method: writing from experience at a protest

Themes: real-estate gala, greed, future SF

I walked into the gala after the protestors got kicked out

I walked among the gems and the suits

for an hour

I drank wine and water off the tables of the developers

I told them I was a high speed algorithmic auctioneer

and they were interested:

interested in how the machines

could capture the value of the spaces of the city:

interested in little else

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Method: excerpts of oral history collected by AEMP

Themes: gentrification, real-estate

Eddie Stiel: I mean, we went through, we went through a lot of minor hell at that apartment. Minor, to semi-major hell. They sold it to an investment company. And that investment company tried to get rid of us in the mid, in the late nineties. There was a gate that went to the street, between the two houses, for the driveway. And they, it just broke and they never fixed it. And so then it became like, prostitutes sometimes would use the backyard to turn tricks. And then there was the empty unit downstairs that became like, a place where people used it as like, a place to do drugs. Someone died in there once. There was, like, a lot of stuff. There was a lot of weird things that happened.

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Method: excerpted from The Shaping of Us by Lily Bernheimer

Themes: housing as identification

Why should we care about place attachment in relation to the housing crisis? Well first, because it helps explain so many things about how we act and think in relation to housing. But second, because we also know that when people feel attached to the place and the community they live in, they also tend to have higher rates of overall well-being. A large body of research on what is called 'identity process theory' has identified a number of props we use to support our identities, such as sense of continuity over time, positive distinctiveness, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and belonging. Feel upset that an old building is being demolished? Perhaps it makes you feel a bit old and ready for demolition yourself?

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Method: excerpts of oral history collected by AEMP

Themes: anti-eviction activism, neighborhood identification, greed

Edwin Lindo: But my dad—if I wasn’t there—I don’t know what he’d do. I mean—he’s disabled, he’s going to be 64 now. And it was stressing him out—he had already fought it 3 times—without an attorney: writing briefs by hand and submitting them to the court, and I can tell it took a court. And this last time, he wanted to fight. He said, I will handcuff myself to this door until the sheriffs come. They can take me that way. Because this is my home. And I’m not going to lose it because of greed.

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Method: re-writing of The Machines of Loving Grace by Richard Brautigan

Themes: future SF, cybernetics, blockchain

I haven't told you yet,

I know about the place where the evicted gather

I like to think about it (the sooner the better)

it's the New Presidio,

which has become a kind of open field

where the evicted and automated snack delivery robots

live together in a strange sort of harmony.

where there are tiny houses

and orchid geneticists breeding new forms of flowers;

there are trees filled with electricity

that sense the coming earthquakes;

there are iris scanners

that attract flying insects but not too close;

and democratic councils

operated by the blockchains of grace...

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Method: n/a

Themes: future SF, blockchain, eviction

the blockchains of grace,

the immutable record of the evicted

hashed into the metadata of the chain

here, here, and here-

their genomic sequence uploaded in the comments,

graffiti searchable forever

by the deep learning of the patchwork

of the New Presidio,

the mega insect of the New Presidio,

that only the evicted are part of

and the drones flying between the trees

depth-mapping the tiny houses

and other drones

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Method: n/a

Themes: future SF, eco-village, drones, eviction

I pass the face of Nik Bertulis,

I pass the face of Victoria Rodriguez,

I pass the face of all the others,

holding my hand out before me

holding my drones out before me

that follow me in a flock

and exchange transmissions with the other drones

going deeper and deeper into the tiny house village

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Method: n/a

Themes: future SF, eco-village, blockchain, drones, eviction

the drones are lights flying between us

recording everything streaming everything to

the blockchains of grace

'the final book' some people call it

the drones fly among the trees

in a light shift pattern

that forms a map of the evicted -

they remind me of the fires

when there were fires over and over

in California but

these are a kind of strange

controlled burn

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Method: n/a

Themes: future SF, internet archive, blockchain, drones, eviction

we're walking to the internet archive

with all the drones around us

with all the evicted around us

up the steps of the columns

up the columns and into the archive

where the green lights of the servers

blip like insects and the insects

also blip green next to them

and the seats wheel themselves away

and clear the floor

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Method: n/a

Themes: future SF, virtual SF, internet archive, displacement

inside of the network

are the infinite houses

the infinite worlds

and the infinite houses

the houses that expand infinitely into the aether

that are weightless and massless

where the evicted go to

and where they are stored infinitely

and where they keep living indefinitely

inside of a simulation of another other San Francisco

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Method: n/a

Themes: future SF, virtual SF, eco-village, displacement

so, there's the eco-villages of the New Presidio

that stretch all the way across the shoreline

to the coming and going of the massive drone

cargo ships that still somehow arrive from China

and Japan, which of course still exist

and there's also this other reality:

of all the San Francisco's that could have been

if people had been able to stay,

stored in the networked worlds -

I wave my hand and all the lights turn off

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Method: n/a

Themes: future SF, eviction, displacement, drones

I walk out into the sunlight

with my flock of drones following and everyone

And I look at the descendants of the evicted

And I look into the face of the descendants of Erin

and the face of the descendants of Faiq

And I think that this is the world after the contraction

freer, lighter, on the earth

recorded forever

somehow, both more chained

and more free

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Method: excerpts of oral history collected by AEMP

Themes: immigration

Claudia: So it just happened naturally for me, I was, I was an immigrant still, I wasn’t legal, um, and I remember very distinctly, going to the beach with my friend, my best friend, who’s still my best friend. She lives down the street actually, not even that far from me. Um, she’s very white, and you know, we’ll like always go to the beach and see, she would be so jealous that I could tan so easily and she would be like, lathered in oil, trying to tan herself. And I remember, she looked at me really strangely one time and she’s like, “You know, Claudia, you’re not an immigrant to me.”

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Method: writing with a bot that remixes language

Themes: technology. protest. memory. apocalypse.

snow in bloom throughout the image.

snow obliterating the bay.

a chorus of helicopters that fly left, fly left, fly right, the world.

coherence and persistence over time.


night deepens the color of the gate.

night deepens older technologies. the virtual temple's shininess.

fields on which snow is falling.

in the forest, the prominent impact of the robot's footsteps.

the whistle. the rent. spray. the chop chop of the blades.


everything moving towards stronger interconnection and uncertainty,

flowing towards Angel Island.

cherries. fireworks.

watching video together in the sky, on clouds. in light. a beam.

the pilot's cognitive agents.

thousands of interconnected robots and humans. bees. beetles. bells.

stolen cherries. water. day darkens Muir.

I wash the tear gas from your hair.

I cradle you in my hands, you and I and our infinite virtual images and differences.